Craft – An Unstructured Play Day

Today is the first day of what is called sportlov (the Swedish for ‘sport’s break’, due to people generally taking off for a week’s skiing). We are staying put, and I have deliberately taken a break from our nature curriculum this week to slow things right down.  Today (apart from the weekly food shop, which is never a joy with all three in tow!), it was a craft day.  A day where a lot (not all!!) of the craft supplies were plonked on the table, and they were left to just imagine and create.

I have often gone on about the benefits of unstructured play for children on the blog (and there is another post coming in the near future).  By this I mean totally child led.  No interference from adults, no ideas or direction from adults, just pure child pursued activity and busyness.  My trio love craft, but very often we have a theme, or a certain supply/skill we are using.  Today I wanted them to be able to indulge in whatever took their fancy.  We had out a LOT of craft supplies, but not all!!  I put out sponge painting resources,  scissors (very good for development and they will spend many hours happily chopping!), glue, sellotape, chalk pastels, paint palettes, and pen stamps.  They have a craft box too which we put out that contains essentials – googly eyes, lolly sticks, sequins, pipe cleaners, pom poms, feathers, old birthday cards etc etc.  I got everything out and then let them just get on with it for the afternoon.

Fans, animals, paintings, drums, books, birds, solar systems, and many other things were made.  There was even team work present.  I was caught up doing something and twin 1 wanted to make a paper fan but hadn’t got the skill of being able to fold it.  In stepped twin 2 with all his knowledge (unasked) and showed him in a very grown up manner….I was really happy to see them work like this.

Perhaps my most favourite creation of the day though was a little bird by twin 1.  This is real progress for him.  Both twins have only recently started drawing stick men (complete with massive heads) and have seemed to come on quite quickly since (toes and fingers were started to be added to the drawings last week!!).  Twin 1 made his bird by drawing wings, a body, and a tail feather part (which you can’t see now due to the feathers, but it even has zigzagging bottom edge detail).  He then chopped these all out as separate parts and glued them on, complete with smiley face!!  As you can see he was as equally chuffed with his creation. But for a mamma working hard with him everyday, it showed me that he could think up an idea, plan it out, and then actually produce something that was recognisable.  Little steps everyday, but we are certainly moving forwards 🙂

Craft-An Unstructured Play day Art and Craft


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