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Candle craft craft with candles craft fun weeks craft needed to involve candles.  I could have kept it easy for myself and just made candles!!  However, we had done this recently with a kit our little lady got for her last birthday, so I tried to come up with some alternative ideas.  So, here goes!!




The first idea was to make candle (tealight) holders.  We made a batch of salt dough (dividing the ingredients by 3 so each child could make their own dough, and chose their own colour.  I don’t make anything easy for myself!!), and then the trio added colour and sparkles (glitter) to it as they required.  They had enough dough each to make 2 candle holders.  They shaped with their own fingers, but you could use cookie cutters.  Then we gently pushed a tealight into the middle to make sure there was a dent big enough.  We removed the tealight and then popped them in the oven at 120 degrees for around 3 hours to bake.  They all worked (phew) and they were all really pleased with the results.  The last photo shows them eating breakfast with their own candles all lit!  We had 2 hearts, a square, a fish, a star, and a teddy (just in case you needed help identifying!).


The second craft had a bit of a tenuous link, but I wanted to do it as it looked such fun, and they had a really good time learning and discovering with this one.  Melted crayon art….crayons are made from wax…..that’s the link to candles!!  With this I allowed the children to chose some crayons from a pile of old broken ones, and placed them onto card.  They then used a hair dryer to melt them (supervised!).  Once the wax was running they could use the air direction to create a pattern.  They then enjoyed watching the wax dry, as it goes hard very fast.

Our last craft was using a technique that’s very simple and one I have done often with them.  It’simple and effective.  We made stain glass window candles.  We usually make mini beasts or flowers, so this made a nice change.  We drew a candle shape, then cut the inside out leaving a frame.  Behind that we stuck coloured tissue paper.  The mini men were more simple with theirs and the little lady a bit more intricate with her colours!

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Immersed in Nature and Island Exploring.


Nature Curriculum Week 20 – Candlemas


  1. I like the craft with the hairdryer – I have done similar with a straw before but a dryer looks like more fun (and less headachey)!

  2. You do the most amazing crafts! I hope you had fun xxx

  3. Some good ideas, love the melted crayons idea.

  4. Have you ever done batique\batik with the kids would make a good wax themed addition to their activities?

    • I haven’t, but I have plans to try batik with sun dye paints when we finally get some warmer weather here 🙂 It looks a really interesting technique and effective. I’m really trying to expand my craft horizons with them as I’m not the most imaginative person but I have been enjoying hunting out new things to try with them!!

  5. Those candle crafts look great. You come up with the most fab ideas x

  6. That looks like a lot of fun and the finished crafts look fab x x

  7. I am loving these candle ideas. This one looks super fun!

  8. This looks like fun. We struggle with a lot of crafts due to Archie’s Autism & severe sensory issues but I’m always on the look out for something I can adapt for him

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