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Nesting bird craft activities bird feeders edible nests new week and we have a new Nature Curriculum topic, nesting birds.  We have enjoyed a busy afternoon making and creating bird craft.  We picked three to do, but over on my Pinterest page (Mamma’s School) there are lots more ideas if you fancy a peek.  Just choosing three meant that we could take our time and enjoy our bird craft more 🙂



The first bird craft we did was making bird feeders with cheerio like cereal.  You require cheerio like cereal, pipe cleaners, and some string.  Make a loop one end of the pipe cleaner to prevent the cheerios sliding off and start threading them onto the pipe cleaner.  Once it is nearly full, wrap the other end around the loop to secure the cheerios into place.  The pipe cleaner, complete with cereal, can then be shaped too. My trio made a heart, a triangle and circle. Attach string and hang from a tree branch.  This is really simple, but very effective.

There are lots of ways you can use conventional craft supplies to make bird craft (have a look at our Pinterest page for some ideas), but I decided I would put lots of supplies out, and leave it to their imaginations to see what they would come up with.  They had a blast.  My little lady made an owl and its tree, mini man 1 made a paper plate bird, and mini man 2 made a bird in its nest (and is tomorrow apparently going to make a sausage to feed to it!!).

Our last bird craft activity was a tasty one, and one I usually reserve for nearer Easter.  We made birds nests with eggs in.  Take a cereal such as shredded wheat, and crumble it into a mixing bowl (this is going to be your twigs).  Melt chocolate and mix it into the cereal well (your mud to hold your twigs together).  You can either make mini nests by spooning the mix into cake cases, or larger nests by spooning it into a tin foil mould you have made to the required size.  Make a dip in the middle, similar to a nest, and add some small chocolate eggs 🙂  These don’t tend to last very long!!  I haven’t managed any photos of this activity due the vast amount of eating the mixture and spreading the mixture around that was going on!

We hope you enjoy trying our ideas out, and hope that you will visit our Pinterest page to get some more!

Nesting bird craft activities bird feeders edible nests


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  1. I thought of you today when I took my youngest to a forest school. We had lots of fun. This craft activity looks brilliant.

  2. What great ideas for activities. They look fun as well as aiding with learning

  3. What lovely ideas! I love the themes you choose xx

  4. What fun bird crafts! Perfect for the spring!

  5. These look great. I’ve actually got a full box of cheerios as my daughter didn’t like them. Glad I’ve got a use for them now x

  6. Lovely idea I can’t get over the fact how many ideas you have each week

  7. Love the pipe cleaner feeders! I am going to make these with my daughter!

  8. What great ideas! I used to love doing things like this when I was younger and think my toddler is just coming up to the perfect age to enjoy activities like this 🙂 x

  9. I love the cheerio bird feeders!! Great craft for them to do.

  10. These crafts look great. I love the Cheerio bird feeders. Such a simple but effective idea. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  11. Fee - One of Each

    These are great but my best bit is that you didn’t actually get to photograph the chocolate nests! they sound yummy. #littlemakes

  12. The birds will love this. #littlemakes

  13. Cheerios! Genius! I’ve never thought of using this! What a clever idea #littlmakes

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