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Watch a Sunset-Watch Nature’s Magical Show.

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“Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second” – Mattie Stepanek

Last autumn I started taking our trio for sunset picnics…the joy of living in a country where it gets dark very early in the winter 🙂  The sunset provides some of the most stunning sights in nature, and I challenge you not to be in awe and dream while watching this amazing event take place.  Being a mamma to three young children and collapsing into my bed as soon as I can at night, the summer sunsets have been rather too late for me living in Sweden!!  However, they are now returning to a more sociable hour for me, and last night, for our little lady too.  We took a sneaky trip out on our bikes to watch the sun set for the day (leaving the mini men snoring their little heads off in their beds!).  In fact twin 2 had already asked me at breakfast that morning if we could have a sunset picnic….”soon” I said, not long to wait now, and I was so happy he remembered the experiences from last autumn, winter, and spring.

We wrapped up, packed our kelly kettle so that we could have a warming brew, and once we’d located the long lost bike lights, we cycled up to the north west point of our island.  It was so lovely to head out just the 2 of us, for this peaceful and calming experience.  We sat there, in almost silence, holding our hot chocolates, and watching the sun saying goodnight for the day as it sank into the sea below our horizon.

This is a really easy mini adventure that I think all children should experience every so often as part of their immersion in nature, that in turn helps towards making them more aware of their environment and wanting to care for it and its future.  It helps nurture their love of nature. It teaches them to enjoy the simple things in life, living in the present moment, whilst instilling a sense of awe and adventure….part of the excitement for our little lady was also the ride home in the dark!  It’s a time together with your child/children that definitely allows bonding and strengthening of relationships, as well as providing cherished memories.

I can see there will be a lot of sunset picnics coming up in the next few months as our seasons change, and so do the views and light cast by this spectacle.  We may be eating our food in gloves and woolly hats soon, but my three wouldn’t miss these for the world, and that makes me happy!


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  1. They are amazing sunsets. You’ve given me an idea for when I’m feeling better!

    • Thankyou 🙂 I am pleased you like the idea, and they get more attainable as autumn progresses as they are earlier!!! Feel better soon xxx

  2. Absolutely love this. What a wonderful experience to share with your children.

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