Our Autumn Bucket List – Getting Cosy In Autumn

I love all the seasons, and I am not sure I favour one more than the others.  However, when the seasons start changing and moving on, I am always ready for a change and love what the next one might bring – especially now that we live somewhere that has four distinct seasons!  So, now that autumn is well and truly here, we have spent the afternoon leaf rubbing in our nature journals as the background decor to our autumn bucket list – a list of everything that we would like to do during this season.  We’ve then made one giant list incorporating everyone’s little lists, so we can tick them off as we go.

Our Autumn bucket list ended up consisting of 34 things, and here they are:

1. Have a leaf fight

2. Catch falling leaves

3. Paint leaves

4. Kick leaves

5. Play with toys by the fire

6. Have a proper hot chocolate – with chocolate spoons, cream, and marshmallows

7. Eat warm kanelbullar (cinnamon buns)

8. Look for conkers

9. Roast pumpkin seeds

10. Roast chestnuts

11. Do nature art with leaves

12. Have a cosy afternoon in the library

13. Enjoy a season-scented bubble bath

14. Enjoy a season-scented candle

15. Sunset picnic

16. Sunrise picnic

17. Bake with apples

18. Bake with ginger

19. Carve a pumpkin

20. Count the leaf colours on a walk

21. Jump in leaves

22. Light indoor fires

23. Cosy on the sofa with stories and blankets

24. Watch a cosy autumn movie

25. Have the whole family toast marshmallows

26. Make a leaf caterpillar

27. Throw leaves

28. Autumn Camping

29. Autumn walk

30. Collect leaves

31. Make blackberry jam

32. Apple experiment

33. Sloeberry experiment

You may well be intrigued by a few of the things on the bucket list…I am!  But I guess that’s what you get when you ask two 5 year olds, one 9 year old, and a 41 year old what they would like to do this autumn 🙂

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  1. Oh I need to write one of these! Great list of things to do. I love Autumn

    • It’s got us all excited with anticipation…can I recommend the Yankee cinnamon stick candle…delicious!!!xxx

  2. Brilliant list! I love Autumn and bucket lists 🙂 #FamilyFun

  3. Wow look at the red of that tree that’s really beautiful. I used to love catching leaves with my grandma and going hunting for conkers. Such happy nostalgic memories for me that I hope to creat for my children. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  4. What a lovely thing to do with the family. Enjoy ticking it all off. #FamilyFunLinky

  5. What a great list of things to do,. I love that you incorporate outdoors, and then art crafts with the stuff from outdoors for indoors! I’m going to keep this handy! #familyfun xoxo

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