Snow Fun!

We’ve had snow, and lots of it!!  So the children have been outside building oversized snowmen, sledging down hills, throwing snowballs, and rolling in the white stuff!!  Generally loving life 🙂  Swedish children living around us must think these English three are bonkers!! We’ve enjoyed three days of playing in the white stuff, and today was the last day of the holidays, so we went back to the sledge run armed with wood for a fire, and treats 🙂  I love the stark white beauty of snow, and the instant hush and peace that comes with it as you walk through the woods (if I leave my trio at home!).  It has been so beautiful, that I have left the majority of the post today to speak through its photos.  I feel they sum up the fun that has been had, and the beauty of the place with its white blanket on.  The sea has frozen, and the white of the sky and sea blend into one.



We Are Going Out…….In Quite a While!


Tromtö Nature Reserve and Puzzle Geocaches


  1. Dot

    What brilliant photos, Sonia. So good to see them having a wonderful time. XX

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