Wild About Learning.

IMG_8832I have a reluctance to stray too far from workbooks for Maths and English to keep them on track in case they all want to pile back into school.  I have recently stumbled across these Wild about books by Letts.  They are good to see if your little person has got a grasp of a subject and to consolidate it, after learning the topic before hand.  However, they do capture the imagination of the nature enthusiast like our little lady.  I’m sure if the mini men were older they’d like them too.  Each book takes the child on a wild adventure, practising skills and exploring the amazing world of animals along the way.  The book is packed with weird and wonderful animal and wild facts, and some great photography, ensuring they are learning other things alongside their core subject.  Good for little nature lovers and livening up the subject matter! 🙂


A Day of Two Halves.


British Summer Beach Day!!


  1. The National Geographic Kids reading books are quite nice for children learning about animals and developing their reading. My class ate ages 5-6 years old really enjoy them (reading levels 1 and 2). Level 1 and 2 are probably a bit basic for 7-9 year olds, but 3 might be alright for an independent read. Amazing animals has a look inside section on amazon to get a preview.

    • Thank you so much for that info, I certainly will take a look. I’ve got the 4 year old twins too, so they’ll be a great idea.

    • Very true! Makes a change to see sonmoee spell it out like that. 🙂

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