Low Sugar Treats – All in the Name of Science!

This month’s Whizz Pop Bang magazine is called “Sugar Rush – The Science of Sweetness”.  As usual it is jam packed with fun facts and activities, but the main “doing” tasks this month were three low sugar treats to make.  With exactly three to make, it helped me immensely as there was one for each child!!

First up was our little lady with the first of the low sugar treats to make; Date Munchies.  The ingredients needed are:  2 tbsps of raisins, 2 tbsps of pitted dates, 2 tbsps of walnuts, and 1 tbsp of desiccated coconut.



All the ingredients, except for the coconut, are mixed in the blender to a smooth paste.  The coconut is then added and we squished ours into ball shapes….yummy!

Next up was twin 1 with Cocoa Truffles.  For these we needed 1 tbsp of ground almonds, 3 tbsps of cocoa, and 2 tbsps of low sugar strawberry jam.  All the ingredients are mixed thoroughly together, before squishing into ball shapes and popping in the fridge to cool for 30 minutes.


Last up was twin 2 with the third of the low sugar sweet treats, Coconut Ice.  For this you needed 100ml double cream, 3 tbsp sugar free strawberry jam, and desiccated coconut.  Mix the jam and cream together well, and then stir in coconut slowly until you are left with a dry paste.  Then we squished ours into balls again (much easier for little hands), and popped into the fridge to go firm.

The great thing about all three of these recipes was their simplicity.  There was minimum measuring out (which is all learning, but sometimes when you have all three baking, it’s just nice to have an easy life!!), and there were also minimum ingredients, keeping it so simple for them.  All three loved doing their “baking”, even though no heat was involved, and are now waiting patiently until after their supper to sample their creations 🙂

Low Sugar Treats - all in the name of science www.mammasschool.co.uk

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  1. My boy has a total sweet tooth and love of fruit bars so these will be perfect! Thanks. #littlemakes

  2. This is perfect timing for me as we are doing a 12 week sugar smart challenge, and this week’s chhallenge is to try low sugar snacks! Bingo! You just saved the day! Thank you so much, we’ll try all 3 of these as I’m sure my kids will love them. #LittleMakes

  3. Those look great and it looks like you had lots of fun. My youngest also has that ‘mummies little helper’ apron!

  4. Must try these! We are in need of low sugar baking ideas #littlemakes!

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