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Fruit Kebabs to Ensure Happy Hikers!

outdoor cooking fruit kebabs campfire cooking tasty treat kebabs are very easy to make, and make a very enjoyable treat when out hiking or camping.  Little people can happily beaver away making them on their own too from the supply provision.  Before you can start, you might need to hunt around for some long sticks (if like me you left the bamboo kebab sticks in the cupboard at home!).  Nature helped me out here quite rapidly and the trio found three sturdy, thin, long sticks for their fruit kebabs quite rapidly.


So, what do you need?  Sticks!!  Then basically, anything goes, as long as you have the marshmallows on there.  I would have liked to have used strawberries as well, but they were not in the shops yet.  We settled for bananas.  Thread bananas slices onto the stick, alternating with a marshmallow.  Then you need to toast over the fire until the marshmallows are cooked/cremated to your personal satisfaction.  Then sit back and relax, enjoying the warmth of the fire, and indulge in your fruit kebab 🙂

Fire Cones – A Tasty Fire Pit Treat.

outdoor cooking fire cones tasty treat campfire cooking delicious fire cones are so simple to make, or rather, get your children to make!!  However, our fire cones didn’t go quite to plan for us, as I’d left the tin foil at home!!  We did do them without the tin foil, but it is not something I would recommend.




So, what do you need to make fire cones?  Tin foil!!!!  Plus:

Ice cream cones

Fruit (we used bananas.  I’d like to have added strawberries too, but they are not in the shops)

Chocolate chunks or drops


Slice the fruit up first.  Then with everything else, stuff as much as you can into the ice cream cone (or your mouth as twin 1 is showing very effectively in this photo).  Then wrap them up in tin foil and place them on the fire.  The inside should melt to a pleasant sweet goo, while the outside is protected by the foil.  Ours were placed directly on the fire grill, so were a little charred.  Still edible though!  After a few minutes, unwrap, place in a bowl, tuck in and enjoy your fire cones 🙂


Lemon, Ginger, and Dill Cod Parcels.

Outdoor cooking lemon ginger and dill cod parcels tasty outdoor treats week’s tasty treat is a savoury lemon, ginger, and dill cod parcel.  My trio were not that keen to try it, but once I explained that it is exactly what is in fish fingers (wink wink), they were more than happy to give it a go.  Plus, I always find it tastes better to them when they have helped in the preparation! The cod parcels are very easy, and we had a few extras to beef up our meal as well.



What you need for the cod parcels are the following:

Fresh cod

Ground ginger

A lemon (and a knife)

Dill (and some scissors)

We added a bread roll, some corn on the cobs, and some butter to spread onto both.

For the first part of the preparation of the cod parcels, our little lady chopped up the lemon into slices.  Then ginger was sprinkled over the cod, which was sat on tin foil.  Next she chopped (with scissors) some dill all over the top of the cod, before laying the lemons over.  The cod parcel was then closed (the foil was wrapped round), and placed on the fire, together with the corn on the cob (a knob of butter with it, again wrapped in foil).


They can all take around 10 minutes depending on the strength of your fire (ours was good today), but if it’s not ready, just put it back on to finish.  Once cooked through, remove from the foil, add your bread roll, and tuck in 🙂

Outdoor cooking lemon ginger, and dill cod parcels tasty outdoor treats



Pytti Panna

Outdoor cooking hot meal pytti panna is a Swedish dish and can be made up with variations on a theme.  The main theme is chunks of onion, ham (or sausage), and potato, fried for 5 minutes in the pan.  So, today for our snowy hike, I decided this warm comforting meal would be a good idea at our half way point for everyone to refuel.




What you need is:

Some Pytti Panna mix.  This does come ready made here in Sweden to keep in the freezer, but you can also just chop the ingredients up very easily and pop them in a box.

Some butter to fry it in.

A wooden spoon.

A saucepan (and a glove as the handle gets hot on the fire).


All you need to do, is melt the butter in the pan, and then put the mix in to cook through (doesn’t take long when it is chopped so small).  Then sit back, enjoy the warmth of the fire still burning, whilst sitting your bottom on a snowy bench to eat it 🙂




Outdoor Cooking Treat – Fruity Chocolate Melt

Outdoor cooking fruity chocolate melt outdoor fire week’s outdoor cooking inspiration is called fruity chocolate melt 🙂  This week’s hike was somewhere without a fire pit, so I needed to be able to cook our treat on the fire, in the Kelly Kettle base.  This outdoor cooking treat was the perfect solution as was very simple, and only required a small pan to do it with.



What is required for this outdoor cooking treat is:

One bar of your favourite chocolate.

Mixed fruit (we took a carton of bluberries, raspberries, and chopped up bananas).  In the right seasons, you can use what is around you, and also you can use what you fancy.

A pan and a spoon.

We heated our water up first in the kettle part to make our hot drinks.  Once those were done, I restocked the fire in the base, and we melted the chocolate in a pan.  The fruit was by now dished up in separate bowls and we just had to pour the chocolate on the top 🙂   All that is then left to do is enjoy it!!

Banana Squish – Outdoor Cooking Bananas

outdoor cooking,outdoor cooking bananas, banana squish outdoor fire cooking outdoor treats outdoor snacks’s outdoor cooking feast was lovingly named “banana squish” by my trio 🙂  It’s outdoor cooking bananas.  Doesn’t that make you want to try it 😉  It is rather delicious though, so don’t be put off by the name!!





What you need is:

1 banana per person

Chocolate chunks

Marshmallows (it’s easier with mini ones for this)

Tin foil

A knife



Slice open the bananas (keeping them inside their skins).  Then “squish” inside the slit the chocolate chunks and marshmallows.  We did three chunks of chocolate and a small handful of marshmallows, but it depends on the size of your banana.  Then hold the banana together, whilst wrapping it up in tin foil.  Place them on the fire and wait for it to cook for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, remove them from the fire (you may want to take gloves again for this as the foil is hot in the flames), and open the foil up.  Scoop the insides of the banana out of the skin onto a plate.  You should be left with a lovely squishy goo of banana, melted marshmallow, and melted chocolate – yummy!

Thimble and Twig

Baked Honey & Ginger Apples

Outdoor cooking baked honey and ginger apple outdoor fire cooking

We all appreciated this pit stop of baked honey and ginger apples on our hike this afternoon, as it was very warming, a little sweet tasting, and filling 🙂

As I am now buying Swedish supplies I will translate (although I am sure you can guess what they are!!).  You would also find it easier with some sort of heat resistant glove as you will be removing hot foil parcels.  So what do you need for your honey and ginger apples?  You need apples, something to chop the apples with, ginger powder, honey, and tin foil (as well as your fire supplies).  Mix a little honey and ginger into a bowl making a smooth paste, until the taste is good for you.  My little lady had hardly any ginger, mini man no.1 had it quite strong!  Ideally it would be best to use a corer to remove the core from the apples, to put the mixture down the centre, but we don’t own one, so we chopped our apples with an apple slicer (not all the way through).  This meant we could smear our mixture around the segments before folding it back together, wrapping it in tin foil, and placing on the fire.

Once you have a neat parcel in the tin foil, place directly onto the hot embers, or into the fire (whatever you have got at the time!), but make sure it is getting a lot of heat.  After about 5 minutes, give the parcel a squeeze, and should be soft to touch.  Your baked honey and ginger apples are ready to enjoy!

Thimble and Twig

Marshmallow Sandwiches-A Gooey Treat

This is a very yummy, but simple marshmallow treat, and is received with much delight!!  You require the following:  Skewers, marshmallows, and digestive biscuits (plus a fire!).

Toast the marshmallow on the end of the skewer until nicely bubbling and browning.  Then place the marshmallow (still holding the stick), on top of the first biscuit.  Place the second biscuit on top of the marshmallow.  Apply gentle pressure onto the top biscuit whilst pulling your skewer out.  You will be left with a lovely, gooey treat. It will make all the undergrowth stick to your fingers, but it is worth it!!

Marshmallow Sandwich, toasted marshmallows, marshmallows, campfire marshmallows, campfire cooking Kids

Toasting Marshmallows – An Easy Campfire Treat

I am trialling a new idea for the blog; outdoor treats!!  This will be a brief post of something tempting to cook outdoors.  It will take time to build up a collection of ideas though, because although we have a lot of ideas, I want to blog about us doing them as we try them out, so you can see it can be done in reality (even with three mad little people running around!).  We use a Kelly Kettle (pictured) a lot when we are out.  We boil water for hot drinks first, and then once we’ve finished with the kettle part, we use the base with the fire to cook treats, like toasting marshmallows.  Plus, here in Sweden there are many outdoor cooking/barbecue areas, even on the remotest, wildest walking routes!  So, as we are going to be experimenting more with cooking like this (mainly sweet energy providing morale boosting snacks and always very simple), I thought it might be a good idea to provide inspiration and encouragement for those who would also like to give it a go.  It will probably average out to one idea per week, that we will be doing on our hike, or our long outdoor activity for the week.

The first idea is a very very simple one to kick it off, and one I have mentioned many times before….toasting marshmallows.  All you need are long wooden skewers, a bag of marshmallows and you are set up.  We use newspaper, a small amount of cotton wool with some Vaseline on, and tiny twigs on our fire, and we light it with a fire steel (pictured below).  This is fab as it doesn’t stop working in the cold, wet, or wind 🙂  We just keep all our kit in a bag ready to go.  Here are some photos to get you drooling!

toasting marshmallows, campfire marshmallows, outdoor food, campfire food

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