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Stewed Blackberry and Cinnamon Apples.

Stewed blackberry and cinnamon apples are a true foraged autumn treat.  They are extremely easy to make on the go, and very warming cooked on the fire in the great outdoors.  To make our stewed blackberry and cinnamon apples, the only ingredient we carried was the cinnamon sugar mix, the rest we foraged on our bike ride around our island before we set up our fire to cook on 🙂


So what do you need for this yummy treat of stewed blackberry and cinnamon apples?

A mix of ground cinnamon and sugar together (I just add sugar to the ground cinnamon until I am happy with the flavour).

Apples (1 per person) cored

6-8 blackberries per person


Please note, you will need to carry a corer (or knife as this will work if you slice the apples too), and tin foil for cooking the apples in on the fire.


Assembling the stewed blackberry and cinnamon apples ingredients together is also beautifully simple.  Once the apples have been cored, place onto a piece of tin foil, stuff blackberries into the centre, sprinkling liberally with the cinnamon sugar as you go, and then all over the top too.  Once this is done, wrap the apple in the tin foil.  Place the foil packets directly onto the fire, and they should be cooked in 5-10 minutes, depending on the ferociousness of the fire.  A good indicator is the parcel is very soft when pressed gently.  Unwrap, and place into a dish to eat.  Sit back and enjoy the view 🙂

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Thimble and Twig

Campfire Granola – Make Gooey Granola in the Great Outdoors

We recently did a hike where all three were a little bit on the grumpy side, and I knew I needed something a little special to see them through, and get them into a better frame of mind!  Hence why I cooked up this gooey granola treat.  They loved it, and it did turn our day around 🙂 You can make this in a foil parcel, but I opted for a pan.  I had a new grill frame I wanted to try out, plus I thought it would be easier.

Gooey Granola Ingredients:

Knob of butter

Honey/agave syrup/syrup





(fruit such as slices of banana or strawberries, but this is optional)

Method To Make Gooey Granola:

  1. Put knob of butter into the pan and melt it
  2. Add oats and syrup/honey of your choice until oats are moist, and a sprinkle of cinnamon, then cook while keeping an eye on it so that it doesn’t burn.
  3. Once baked and crunchy, add in chocolate chunks and marshmallows to melt into it and stir in.  It is at this point you can add in fruit chunks too.
  4. Once all melted and mixed, serve up with a bowl and spoon 🙂  Enjoy your reviving treat!

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Campfire Pizza – The Perfect Pizza Parcel Treat

Campfire Pizza, pizza parcels, outdoor cooking, outdoor cooking parcel, bushcraft pizza pizza is a fail safe menu choice when taking my trio to eat in the great outdoors! They are very simple to make, quick to cook, and filling to eat.  My trio could very easily make these themselves, but unusually I was left to it today as they headed off to investigate what treasures the beach held 🙂




So, what do you need for a campfire pizza?

Some bread based substance…we used some round Swedish bread, but this will work on baguettes, pittas, or rolls.  Whatever takes your fancy!

Tomato puree

Grated cheese

Any other topping you like (we took some sandwich ham today to add)

The really useful thing about campfire pizza is that it can be pre-prepared at home, and carted off in its foil parcel wrap ready for cooking.  I chose (or rather ran out of time) to do mine where we were cooking.  Splodge and spread some tomato puree onto your chosen bread base.  Then add the grated cheese on top.  I shredded pieces of wafer sandwich ham on top.  Followed by the extra toppings of your choice.  Then place them on top of the fire, wrapped up in foil.  Ours were perfectly cooked in five minutes 🙂  Good for those children that need almost instant gratification!!  We served ours with a side order of corn on the cob (again wrapped in foil and heated on the fire).  I felt the need to try and balance out all the Easter chocolate we had been eating, and lack of vegetables in the last few days!!

Once they are cooked, unwrap and serve up.  Make sure you find a nice log with a lovely view to enjoy together with the yummy food 🙂  As you can see, my trio were more than happy with their campfire pizza, and were clamouring for more!  However, as simple as they were to make, they were handed a delicious apple to balance out yet more of the Easter chocolate 😉


Thimble and Twig
Thimble and Twig

Sausage Sizzle Stew – A Warming Outdoor Fire Treat

Sausage sizzle stew one pot stew outdoor cooking campfire cooking sizzle stew is a great toe warming meal for when you are out in the colder weather, or sat by the camp fire in the evening after a day in the great outdoors.  It is simple, and uses one pot (perfect for those of us who detest washing up).  You can easily prepare it at the fire, or take it in a container ready just to cook in the pan.  I opted for the second option as I carry EVERYTHING on these outdoor excursions usually!  Well, that’s not entirely true as they are good with a rucksack each, but I can’t put too much in there.

Sausage Sizzle Supplies:

Sausages like frankfurters.  I took mine straight from the fridge and chopped them into a Tupperware container.

Tin of chopped tomatoes.  I then added these into the container.

Dried noodles.  Added into the container.

You could also add things such as sweetcorn or peas for some extra vegetables.

Place all this into a pan and put onto the fire until the noodles are soft.  Then serve it up and enjoy the taste of sausage sizzle stew.



Tuna and Chive Burgers – A Family Friendly Outdoor Treat.

Tuna and chive burgers outdoor cooking tuna and chive burgers are the first of my outdoor cooking recipes that feature foraged food!  We have now got an abundance of chives popping up all over the forest and wood floors, so it was time to make something delicious to eat with this versatile herb.  This is a meal that can be prepared and taken out, or easily made by the camp fire.  We had got very gusty winds the day we ate this, so I made them at home, and parcelled them all up ready for placing on the fire.


The ingredients required are:

Foraged/fresh chives

Tuna fish



Baps (for putting them in after cooking)

I used two tins of tuna fish, 2 eggs, and 2 desert spoons of flour.  Mix it all in a bowl.  Then snip the chives finely into the mix.  This is based on personal preference, so snip as much or as little as your taste buds will like.  Then stir away.  I then rolled the mix into balls and flattened into a burger shape.  This mix made 6 burgers.  I would advise cooking these in a pan.  However, I knew that the fire pit we were going to had no grill over it, and also the extreme wind would make any pan cooking very difficult today.  Therefore ours were placed on the fire wrapped in tin foil.  It worked, but you need to remember to turn the foil packet over to cook them on both sides, and not leave them on too long as they are easy to char in foil.  Remove from the foil once cooked (ours took around 10 minutes), and then place in a bap.  My trio squirted salad cream onto theirs for a topping.

Chocolate Orange Brownies-A Fire Pit Addiction!

Chocolate Orange Brownies fire pit cooking outdoor cooking chocolate orange brownies are delicious!  It’s not just that I think this way because I was sat outdoors in 2 degrees, on a windy beach, but I have the approval of 3 fairly picky eaters!  They are chocolatey, orangery, with just the right amount of goo left in the centre 🙂




The supply list for chocolate orange brownies is not set in stone, as long as the method is followed you should get the same result.  I have pointed this out, as I live in Sweden, so not everyone will be able to access the same supplies as me.

Chocolate cake mix:  The main thing is you use some sort of ready made chocolate cake mix.  Keep it really simple, so that you only need water or milk to add it (you don’t want to start carting eggs, butter, and sugar around).  I was lucky that I found a mug cake mix.

Milk:  We needed a small amount of milk for ours.

Oranges:  You need 1 per person.

Don’t forget any utensils you need or tin foil.

Slice the tops off the oranges.

Scoop out the flesh (which can be eaten whilst waiting for the chocolate orange brownies to cook).

Then mix up the chocolate cake mix.

Spoon the mixture into the oranges, wrap in tin foil, and place on the fire.

Ours took about ten minutes to cook.

Unwrap the oranges from the tin foil, and what you have is a chocolate cake infused with the flavour and smell from the inside of the orange…hence chocolate orange brownies.  As they are cooked on the fire, the heat is inevitably a bit hit and miss, and in this situation it can leave you with the sponge having a lovely gooey centre 🙂  Tuck in and enjoy!!


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Fruit Kebabs to Ensure Happy Hikers!

outdoor cooking fruit kebabs campfire cooking tasty treat kebabs are very easy to make, and make a very enjoyable treat when out hiking or camping.  Little people can happily beaver away making them on their own too from the supply provision.  Before you can start, you might need to hunt around for some long sticks (if like me you left the bamboo kebab sticks in the cupboard at home!).  Nature helped me out here quite rapidly and the trio found three sturdy, thin, long sticks for their fruit kebabs quite rapidly.


So, what do you need?  Sticks!!  Then basically, anything goes, as long as you have the marshmallows on there.  I would have liked to have used strawberries as well, but they were not in the shops yet.  We settled for bananas.  Thread bananas slices onto the stick, alternating with a marshmallow.  Then you need to toast over the fire until the marshmallows are cooked/cremated to your personal satisfaction.  Then sit back and relax, enjoying the warmth of the fire, and indulge in your fruit kebab 🙂

Fire Cones – A Tasty Fire Pit Treat.

outdoor cooking fire cones tasty treat campfire cooking delicious fire cones are so simple to make, or rather, get your children to make!!  However, our fire cones didn’t go quite to plan for us, as I’d left the tin foil at home!!  We did do them without the tin foil, but it is not something I would recommend.




So, what do you need to make fire cones?  Tin foil!!!!  Plus:

Ice cream cones

Fruit (we used bananas.  I’d like to have added strawberries too, but they are not in the shops)

Chocolate chunks or drops


Slice the fruit up first.  Then with everything else, stuff as much as you can into the ice cream cone (or your mouth as twin 1 is showing very effectively in this photo).  Then wrap them up in tin foil and place them on the fire.  The inside should melt to a pleasant sweet goo, while the outside is protected by the foil.  Ours were placed directly on the fire grill, so were a little charred.  Still edible though!  After a few minutes, unwrap, place in a bowl, tuck in and enjoy your fire cones 🙂


Lemon, Ginger, and Dill Cod Parcels.

Outdoor cooking lemon ginger and dill cod parcels tasty outdoor treats week’s tasty treat is a savoury lemon, ginger, and dill cod parcel.  My trio were not that keen to try it, but once I explained that it is exactly what is in fish fingers (wink wink), they were more than happy to give it a go.  Plus, I always find it tastes better to them when they have helped in the preparation! The cod parcels are very easy, and we had a few extras to beef up our meal as well.



What you need for the cod parcels are the following:

Fresh cod

Ground ginger

A lemon (and a knife)

Dill (and some scissors)

We added a bread roll, some corn on the cobs, and some butter to spread onto both.

For the first part of the preparation of the cod parcels, our little lady chopped up the lemon into slices.  Then ginger was sprinkled over the cod, which was sat on tin foil.  Next she chopped (with scissors) some dill all over the top of the cod, before laying the lemons over.  The cod parcel was then closed (the foil was wrapped round), and placed on the fire, together with the corn on the cob (a knob of butter with it, again wrapped in foil).


They can all take around 10 minutes depending on the strength of your fire (ours was good today), but if it’s not ready, just put it back on to finish.  Once cooked through, remove from the foil, add your bread roll, and tuck in 🙂

Outdoor cooking lemon ginger, and dill cod parcels tasty outdoor treats



Pytti Panna

Outdoor cooking hot meal pytti panna is a Swedish dish and can be made up with variations on a theme.  The main theme is chunks of onion, ham (or sausage), and potato, fried for 5 minutes in the pan.  So, today for our snowy hike, I decided this warm comforting meal would be a good idea at our half way point for everyone to refuel.




What you need is:

Some Pytti Panna mix.  This does come ready made here in Sweden to keep in the freezer, but you can also just chop the ingredients up very easily and pop them in a box.

Some butter to fry it in.

A wooden spoon.

A saucepan (and a glove as the handle gets hot on the fire).


All you need to do, is melt the butter in the pan, and then put the mix in to cook through (doesn’t take long when it is chopped so small).  Then sit back, enjoy the warmth of the fire still burning, whilst sitting your bottom on a snowy bench to eat it 🙂




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